Between Heaven and Earth

A day at Waynestown
Same shit, different day

Rushing through the wheat field Grayway, DUSK, and Ciel Larson detect the faint sounds of a small bell ringing nearby. Investigating the source they discover and elderly Farmer John and his donkey cart heading towards Waynestown. After some initial distrust and discussion Farmer John agrees to let them stay in the barn for the night. After supper, Farmer John reveals that he has recently found a previously sealed trap door under his barn and wants them to clear it out. Agreeing to do so in the morning the party goes to sleep, but not before DUSK has his daily intake of alcohol.
Having split off from the group V found herself nearing the high stone walls of Waynestown. Not interested in taking the gate, V attempts to stealthily scale the walls to no success. Beating a hasty retreat to the fields with guards on her tail, V hides in the brush looking for another opportunity to get in. While she waits, V notices a large company of horsemen charging down the narrow dirt road. As night falls, V successfully scales the wall and heads towards the Swinging Mary Inn for the night. After playing a few games of dice with the local halflings, V pays for a cot in the common room and sleeps
Meanwhile, Gragas had accompanied Sarif’s pirate gang into the woods and begun to setup a hidden base. Being set out to fetch water, Gragas makes a break from the pirates and runs towards Waynestown. As he passes by the stranded Fat Bastard Gragas notices that a dozen horsemen have surrounded the ship and are setting up camp around it. Continuing on, Gragas arrives at the gates of Waynestown. Having don the slain militia captians gear and possessing his guard papers, Gragas is let into the town will little hassle. Once in, Gragas headed towards the Swinging Mary Inn and books a spot in the common room. Noticing V and disappointed at his accommodations, Gragas upgrades his lodging to a private room. Returning to V they two engage in an interrogation and argument. After disturbing several of the other sleeping guests, the two part ways agreeing to disagree over what to do next.
Changing into his normal gear, Gragas reports to the guard post and gives an account of himself and his fellow prisoners. He mentions that the pirates may have tried to infiltrate the town and after hearing the report of V breaking into the town, agrees that V could be one of them. A section is dispatched to apprehend V, and he is rudely awaked by a kick to the gut. Outnumbered, V gives in peacefully and is disarmed and taken to the prison cell for interrogation. After exchanging a conversation and providing more details on the pirates, Gragas is given new papers and he returns to his bed for the night. Meanwhile V is grilled by the captain and manages to barely convince them that he has been here for days and simply had his papers stolen. Suspicious but with little evidence to hold him, the guards reissue him papers and send him on his way. After noticing the bounty board calling for the capture of Greg the Thief, V slips into the night looking for clues.
Dawn comes, and with dawn comes breakfast as Farmer John serves up his guests with a hearty portion of eggs and bacon. After being equipped with yet more bacon, 10 feet of hemp rope, a partially used healers kit, and some torches the party enters the trapdoor. The stone corridors are dark and dry, and looks abandoned for many decades. The party finds a lever but leaves it for later, stumbling through the broken pottery DUSK activates a spike trap and is crippled. After disabling the device the party carefully moves onwards, discovering rotten beds and destroyed wooden boxes. After moving through a rotten doorway the party discovers an ancient corpse armed with a sword. Having little time to contemplate the dead man’s fate, a pack of dire rats besets the party. A frantic melee ensues with the party emerging victorious over the smoking and splattered rat pieces. Further exploring the chamber the party finds a magically wooden tankard lovingly wrapped in red silk, and more ghastly discover of a dozen dwarf skeleton in a corner. Taking the scraps of mithral chainmail from the bodies and exiting the chamber, the party finds three iron heavy crossbows behind a rotted wooden guard post. Taking their bounty with them, the party returns to the surface to heal and inform Farmer John. The party makes ready to leave, but not before retrieving the bodies for proper burial. Hitching a ride with Farmer John they arrive at Waynestown.
At the gates, the guards escort the party to the guardhouse and due to the previous favorable account by Gragas are quickly issued travelers permits and allowed to go. Heading to Armr R Us Blacksmith the party puts in order to reforge the mithral into chainmail and sells excess gear. Little do they know, that earlier that day, Gragas awoke to take on the bounty of capturing Greg the thief and is now hiding in the Big Pots Apothecary right next door. Gragas finds some details about Greg from the shopkeeper and is given some supplies to aid him. Spending the afternoon lying in wait, Gragas spots a two halflings and decides one is suspicious. Gragas quizzes the shopkeeper about him, and decides to continue waiting until nightfall.
Meanwhile, Ciel Larson, DUSK, and Grayway suddenly hear a cry to arms in the street. The merchant guide is hiring mercenaries to defend a caravan under attack by kobolds! Sensing the chance for battle, the party rushes to the Swinging Mary bathhouse. Newly armed with store bought soap the adventurers vigorously scrub down and emerge ready for battle. Joined by five other eager mercenaries the group marches to the last known location of the caravan.
They arrive at a scene of carnage with dead guards and kobolds scattered all among the caravan. Being greeted by the wounded caravan guard captain, the group charges into battle to save the last two remaining guards. After a fierce battle, the kobolds are slain, but not without losing another caravan guard and most of the mercenaries. After looting the dead, the party returns home to rich reward for their service. Dusk, Ciel Larson, and Grayway return victorious from their quest and are handsomely rewarded by the merchants guild for their efforts.
The night before, Vivan was on the hunt for the trail of Greg the thief and found herself back at the Swinging Mary Inn and Tavern. Quizzing the bartender on the whereabouts of Greg, Vivian is directed to a dice table with some gnomes. Bets were made and lost, drinks were drunk in excess and a bit of cheating result in Vivian being setup for a date with Greg. Being led through the dimly lit residential center by a very drunk Fred, Vivian waited outside Greg’s house for the thief to return. Finally at 3:00am a small figure sneaks into the house. Breaking in and intimidating the unseen Halfling Vivian accidently alerts the guards and a chaos ensues. In the smoke filled scuffle, Greg attempts to disguise himself as a guard to escape, only to be tackled down by Vivian. Standing triumph, Vivian and the guards lock up Greg in a cell and Vivian retires for the day. Meanwhile, Greg plots and schemes inside his cell and with a bit of magic escapes into the night once again.
Later that afternoon, Gragas continued to wait in Big Pots Apothecary for Greg, unaware that he had been caught the night before. Waiting late into the night, Greg appears and Gragas chases him out of store. After a short battle of magic and swords, Greg was slain by Gragas while attempting to escape. With the thefts stopped and Greg’s identity confirmed, Gragas claims the bounty on Greg’s head. Vivian on the other hand, was not awarded the capture award for Gragas but he was rewarded by Big Pots upon the discovered of Greg’s stolen horde of potions. With that adventure complete the party settled down into a month of industrious labor.
Dusk, decided to stay with Farmer John and using his immense strength and patient wisdom, helped Farmer John attain one of his more bountiful harvests. Gragas, unable to pry his eyes away from the gleam of cold steel, found himself working at Arms R’ Us blacksmith, manning the bellows and hammering away at anvil all day long. Ciel and Grayway found a passion from alchemy and took up a month long apprenticeship at Big Pots, spending the day surrounded by strange potions and rare reagents. Feeling more martial than the others, Vivian offered her services to the local defense militia. Thoroughly impressing the recruiting officer, Vivian was immediately promoted into the officer corps in charge of training new crossbow recruits. Endless drilling, and hundreds of arrows later Vivian turned a motley mob of towns craftsmen into skilled militia crossbowmen.

The cage door opens

There are two major rival nations in the region, the Kingdom of Vladof and the Thracen Republic, who are in an unsteady ceasefire at the moment. Their previous wars over the centuries for resources and control of the sea has left both countries with a hatred for the other. Divided by a large expanse of the Castian sea dotted with numerous atolls and island nations, the two superpowers have relied upon both travel by sea and air to wage war upon the other. Outside the borders of the two nations the Castian sea has become a lawless frontier with merchant convoys, deserters, pirates, and local militia struggling for survival.

The player characters all hail from the small island nation of Papu. Located 50 miles off the coast of Vladof and having a population of about 1000, Papu was a small poor nation dependant on trade with Vladof. Papu’s economy depended on the export of magical handheld clocks, toys, and compasses made from the local magical coconuts trees. Too poor to afford a decent military, Papu was pillaged and burned by a particularly nasty fleet of sky pirates, The Hand of Red. The players were captured as slaves and held aboard the captured merchant ship, the “Fat Bastard”. Unbound but kept captive 4 to cage in the dark stinking hold, the pirates forced the Papu slaves to continue crafting coconut compasses for the past month.

However, things are different today. Over the constant creaking of the hold, shouts and yelling have been heard and the usual guards did not show up. More importantly, to some, the slaves were also not feed the usual allocation of gruel and stale bread. Left in the dark, a heavy clanking can be heard……..


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