Between Heaven and Earth


The cage door opens

There are two major rival nations in the region, the Kingdom of Vladof and the Thracen Republic, who are in an unsteady ceasefire at the moment. Their previous wars over the centuries for resources and control of the sea has left both countries with a hatred for the other. Divided by a large expanse of the Castian sea dotted with numerous atolls and island nations, the two superpowers have relied upon both travel by sea and air to wage war upon the other. Outside the borders of the two nations the Castian sea has become a lawless frontier with merchant convoys, deserters, pirates, and local militia struggling for survival.

The player characters all hail from the small island nation of Papu. Located 50 miles off the coast of Vladof and having a population of about 1000, Papu was a small poor nation dependant on trade with Vladof. Papu’s economy depended on the export of magical handheld clocks, toys, and compasses made from the local magical coconuts trees. Too poor to afford a decent military, Papu was pillaged and burned by a particularly nasty fleet of sky pirates, The Hand of Red. The players were captured as slaves and held aboard the captured merchant ship, the “Fat Bastard”. Unbound but kept captive 4 to cage in the dark stinking hold, the pirates forced the Papu slaves to continue crafting coconut compasses for the past month.

However, things are different today. Over the constant creaking of the hold, shouts and yelling have been heard and the usual guards did not show up. More importantly, to some, the slaves were also not feed the usual allocation of gruel and stale bread. Left in the dark, a heavy clanking can be heard……..



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