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You have an uneventful month, what do you do?

Currently available jobs

Waynestown militia is hiring and training all volunteers to defend themselves from the inevitable Thracen invasion. All positions available! Gear is provided with sign up, and non Vladof citizens are eligible.
To get this job please make a Charisma, Intelligence, Dexterity, and Wisdom roll to see what job you are placed in.

Farmer John needs farmhands for his fields and is hiring pig boys and wheat field pickers. Food and lodging are provided!
No job requirements

Arms R Us Blacksmith and Big Pots Apothecary are hiring junior assistants to man the bellows and grind up herbs! Valuable job training!
Requirements: Strength check and Intelligence check are required for their respective jobs.

You may apply for multiple jobs, and I will let you know the results.
Hint The militia job opening will always get you a job for all you dice flunkies out there.

Just to be clear, when it says to make an attribute test, i want you to roll a 1d20 and add whatever attribute bonus you have in that attribute.
You want to work at Arms R Us, which requires a strength check. You roll 1d20 and because i have 14str I add +2 to the result. I roll a 11, therefore my result is 13.

Current Job Results
Ciel Larson has an apprenticeship at the Big Pots Apothecary

Get A Job

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